Timber Door Jambs

Innovative Prefinished Timber Door Jambs

Doors, as simple as they seem to the common person, are actually pretty complicated piece of mechanism. It comprises of multiple different parts — one of which, is the ‘door jamb’.

Timber door jambs are posts which stand vertically on either side of the door frame, or even a window frame. You can have partial view of timber door jambs when your door is open or closed, else, they are not visible.

Timber or hardwood door jambs are there to take the weight of the door, as well as keep the rest of the door’s frame square and stable. The hinges are affixed to the jamb on one side of the door, while the bolt passes through the jamb on the other side.

Timber door jambs, sometimes referred to as “door legs”, aren’t just for standard, single doors — they also the same purpose for double, folding and sliding doors.

Impact Systems’ RediFrame hardwood door jambs can be installed in just six easy steps that take less than 10 minutes even for first-timers. Download and view the installation instructions below, or directly contact us with your specific timber door jamb requirements — whether standard or custom sizes, prefinished with power coating or natural anodised coating, whether for office, residential, commercial, industrial or public use, approximate thickness and wall type, etc.

Hardwood Door Jambs


Benefits, Security & Durability Of Hardwood Door Jambs

Due to the door jamb’s anchoring system of using at least 30 fasteners, our Rediframe door jambs is designed to sleeve the wall and become an integral part of the wall. Upon testing, our timber door jambs withstood 850 impacts, which is over 500 more than hollow metal anchors.

Hardwood door jambs cannot be affected by temperature because wood have high R-values. They are also less prone to condensation since they do not conduct heat and electricity. Unlike metal, timber door jambs can still be altered easily, have no risk of rusting, are more resistant to air and wind due to minimal joint in frame and shutter and can be painted or polished in any shade in the future.

With a certification of Level A 1,000,000 cycles (ANSI 250.5–1994), you can be assured of the durability and quality of our hardwood door jambs, even in case of a fire.

Replacing & Widening Timber Door Jambs


Occasionally, you might want to replace just the damaged door jamb or want to widen it due to a change in the wall’s thickness after recent renovations. This is possible too, but you might want to hire a professional who can remove the old door jamb without messing up the wall and door. Our experienced crew is more than capable of doing so while meeting all relevant Australian standards and warranties.

Impact Construction Systems have a history of actual on-site experience in installing hardwood and timber door jambs for commercial, family, condominiums, dormitories, public housing, hospitality, offices and more since 1975. Our range of hardwood and timber door jambs come from a combination of locally and overseas manufactured sources.

For installing new timber door jambs or replacing current ones, leave us a message with your specifications or simply call us at (03) 9971 2022.

View Specifications below:

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