Suspended Ceiling Systems Melbourne

  • We are agents for most t-bar grid & tile systems, including Armstrong, USG Boral, Rondo & Renhurst. Call today for technical support-acoustic ratings, seismic ratings, humidity performance etc.
  • We also stock concealed framework for plaster ceilings, and are happy to quantity take offs as required for your projects.
  • Exposed grid ceiling systems
  • Concealed framework lined ceiling systems

Suspended Ceiling Tiles & Panels


Conceal electrical and mechanical services within your ceiling void with top quality suspended ceiling systems. Whether you are looking at something for your commercial space or your home, we have got you covered. At Impact Systems, we provide robust suspended ceiling systems in Melbourne. Our range of drop ceilings compel you to discover a new set of possibilities.

Manufactured from high quality materials, our suspending ceilings are pre-painted and optimized in the factory. All our products are easy to handle and also prevent any form of microbial growth. Designed to provide corrosion resistance, our ceiling systems also withstand harsh Australian weather conditions. This makes them suitable for outdoor purposes also.

Suspended ceilings are generally installed to cover up lighting and ducting work. So, the chances are that, you might need access to these regions when there is a need for repair or for upgrading. For this reason, you should choose a ceiling system that provides easy access to your ceiling. Our ceiling systems are designed to enable easy access.

You can easily lift the tiles or panels for the installation or maintenance of the concealed services.

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