Aluminium Partition Systems

We have partition systems to suit 4 stud sizes-51,64,76, and 92mm. Different plaster layer combinations can be done to achieve higher acoustic performance. We also stock 75 & 100mm shopfront systems, door sections, and a large range of geometrics-angle, glazing channel & flat sections commonly used for skirting. Any powdercoat or anodised finish can be catered for.

  • Series 300 75mm shopfront system
  • Series 400 100mm shopfront system
  • Series 500 51mm stud partition system
  • Series 510 51mm stud slimline partition system
  • Series 600 64mm stud partition system
  • Series 610 64mm stud slimline partition system
  • Series 700 76mm stud partition system
  • Series 800 92mm stud partition system
  • Series 900 92mm stud partition system *10mm plaster
  • Door sections
  • Angles & glazing channels
  • Skirtings

Download rediframe series information
Rediframe Series 300 .pdf 228Kb
Rediframe Series 400 .pdf 234Kb
Rediframe Series 500 .pdf 237Kb
Rediframe Series 600 .pdf 232Kb
Rediframe Series 610 .pdf 234Kb
Rediframe Series 700 .pdf 233Kb
Rediframe Series 800 .pdf 233Kb
Rediframe Series 900 .pdf 236Kb
Rediframe Series 910 .pdf 244Kb

View Specifications below:

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