Suspended Ceiling Systems In Melbourne

One of the concluding stages of an architectural or interior designer project is the installation of suspended ceiling systems, or sometimes referred to as “dropped ceilings” or “false ceilings”. These are secondary ceilings hang 3 to 8 inches from the main structural ceiling slab above, creating a small gap in between.

The gap allows for distribution of heat, ventilation and air conditioning along with plumbing and wiring installations. They have also been known to serve as a platform for speakers, light fittings, CCTV, fire and smoke detectors, sprinklers and so on.

Suspended ceiling systems in Melbourne are more commonly seen in technical and commercial properties as they are very effective in concealing wires and installations while also enhancing the appearance of the building’s interior. Now, with modern architecture, it is increasingly popular for residential use as well.

Here at Impact Construction Systems, we stock and are agents for

  • T-bar grid and tile systems such as Armstrong, USG Boral, Rondo & Renhurst, etc
  • Concealed framework for plaster ceilings
  • Exposed grid ceiling systems
  • Concealed framework lined ceiling systems

Suspended Ceiling Tiles & Panels


Conceal electrical and mechanical services within your ceiling void with top quality suspended ceiling tiles. Whether you are looking at something for your commercial space or your home, we have got you covered. At Impact Systems, we provide robust suspended ceiling tiles. Our range of drop ceilings compel you to discover a new set of possibilities.

Manufactured from high quality materials, our suspending ceiling tiles are pre-painted and optimised in the factory. The tiles and panels come in a variety of designs, colour and materials such as mineral fibre, metal, plasterboard and laminates. The suspending ceiling panels often perforated to absorb acoustics and control reverberations below.

All our suspending ceiling tiles and panels are easy to handle and are resistant to any form of microbial growth. Designed to provide corrosion resistance, our suspended ceiling systems can also withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor installation as well.

Melbourne’s suspended ceiling panels are generally installed to cover up lighting, wiring and ducting work. So there are chances you might need access to these regions when there is a need for repair or upgradation. For this reason, you should choose a suspended ceiling system that gives you easy access to your ceiling. Our suspended ceiling systems are designed to give you easy access to the main structural ceiling floor slab.

Our suspending ceiling tiles and panels can be easily lifted and put back together during any speaker, wire, sensor, or camera repairs or upgrades.

Whether you’re looking to install a new suspended ceiling systems or are just in need of an update, we are here to help. Our products are a combination of local and overseas manufactured materials that have undergone thorough inspection, verifying that they meet Australia’s standards and that the warranties are viable.

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